Yes! I want instant access to Daygame Immersion

Please send me MY access details for the Daygame IMMERSION video training program RIGHT NOW.

I understand that the program is mine FREE to try for a full 21 days, all I have to do is place a small deposit of $7 today to show I’m serious.

If I love the program, I simply do nothing, and I’ll be billed in 2 affordable monthly installments of $97 starting 21 days from now.

I know that only 500 access passes are available and as soon as they are sold out, this page will be pulled down.

The 7 Day Guided Day Game IMMERSION Transformation System

Day Game Immersion is Your Personal 7 Day Transformation chamber…that in less than one week, takes you from looking at sexy women on your computer…to fucking them in your bed. This program contains a whopping 60 Crystal Clear HD Videos, including 25 caught-on-tape LIVE seductions performed by actual students along with accompanying critiques, analysis and more. You’ll also receive sixty days free access to “The Yad Show” a series of hidden camera pick ups where Master Pick Up Artist and creator of Day Game Itself, Yad…Seduces women on camera and shows you exactly how its done. There is no obligation to remain a part of this bonus program and you can cancel at any time. This program is normally $47 per month (after the 60 day trial period ends) so this is a massive value. The program has been built from the ground up to deliver you the critical insights you need at exactly the right times along your journey to maximize your understanding and drive automatic behavioral change.

I’ll try out everything in Daygame Immersion for a full 21 days... use it as I wish…and if I’m not COMPLETELY satisfied, I can simply send an email asking to never be billed again for the program . If I love the program (And I Know I Will) I’ll simply do nothing and be billed for the program in 2 easy installments of $97 over the next 2 months.

Richard La Ruina
Terms and Conditions

You have 21 days to review the program (the 21 days start as soon as you place the order) with full access, if you aren’t satisfied for any reason during the 21 day period, you can ask for a refund and cancel future payments. Read the full terms here.